Howdy, the name’s Andrew Reese. I’m a 26 yrs into life living in Denton, deep in the heart of Texas claps.

Focusing on enhancing my vanilla JavaScript with emphasis on ES6 (when to use Promises and Arrow Functions currently). Learning React & React Native on my own by trying to build a way too complex D&D app haha. I'm procrastinating getting SASS & BEM down efficiently.

I started off in the world of HTML around 2006 out of pure curiosity of the internet and decided to brand out into the exciting world of code and MAKE MY OWN WEBSITE gasp. That progressed and I went back and forth between that and wanting to be a Graphic Designer. But I realized one important thing…I suck at Graphic Design compared to Programming, haha. I can make simple logos, UI...etc, sure. But as a career? nooope. So then I focused on HTML which when I started was in <​table> and thankfully soon into my time <​div> became the norm, and this fancy new thing being used in browsers called CSS2. Eventually I kept growing my languages, which as I’ve learned was a bad and good thing hah. I know HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Ruby on Rails, PostgresSQL, Java, JavaScript, React, React Native, PHP, Python, mySQL, and others that are outdated or not really of importance now.

I am experienced in Windows, Macintosh, and Linux environments. I use my work provided Macbook Pro to program, but I’m a gamer as well and sadly Mac just doesn’t cut it in that area for me, so I also have a Windows gaming laptop and desktop at home. My favourite tools of the trade currently are Sublime Text 3 with quite a few packages (including my favourite theme, cobalt2), Chrome Browser/Chrome Dev Tools, and iTerm w/ oh my zsh & other addons (once again with cobalt2 theme).

On a not so techie note, I'm a music fanatic and constantly listen to music, especially while programming. I am a Drummer & Percussionist and currently procrastinating learning my Seaboard Blocks